Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What Do Candles In Windows Mean

Ma quanto stiamo bene!!! Osservasalute 2010

New picture of health in Italy thanks National Observatory on health status of the Italian Regions .

The full report is available for free on 2010 Observatory site after registration.

Some pills information

selected for you ......

" In Northern Italy is dying of cancer but most of the south have little to celebrate because most die from cardiovascular causes "

"Women survive longer than men on average (84 against 78) but the gap tends to decline (Although women have several laps ahead) "

" Women have proved themselves more clever than men with regard to the excessive consumption of alcohol, the ratio of the population at risk is 5 men to every woman (though women get drunk with smaller amounts of alcohol ). "

" Increasing obese and overweight. 40% of the population is completely sedentary and does not practice any physical activity (excluding sports such as zapping, shopping and watching football) "

" 600 traffic accidents with injuries per day, the city with higher frequency of accidents has Foggia (Foggia You may if you live in to touch the brown ) "

" decreased syphilis and gonorrhea and tuberculosis, and legionella return (except in California where there has been no reported case) "

" increases drastically the use of antidepressants, but people continue unabated to make life impossible (try to park in the center for confirmation) "

" Increases in health spending across the country with peaks in Campania, Lombardy spend less to provide better service (I think I know the reason ... but it is only a guess) "

" The public health expenditure per capita varies from 1671 to 2171 in Sicily of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano . "

" For drugs not reimbursable spend 35-40% of what the state spends on us. "

" It increases the fertility of women in Italy, but only of immigrants (Italians do not have a great desire to give birth to new unemployed) "

So after all we are still a country where life is good and if you invest a bus will come to the aid even if you have a credit card. Of course, you might feel better if things were different than they do. But that's another story ......

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Herpes, Heart Valve Leakage

Viva la Nails - stickers

Post photographs to show what I applied on the Red Essence ....

stickers Viva La Nails are very nice and very easy to apply ...

the important thing is to protect the work with a good top coat.

The effect is very nice - they are very practical, especially when you do not have it and want time to think of fancy nail art!

What do you think?


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Ready For Action!

girls Happy Sunday .... here today is a beautiful sunny day and I am writing this post while they are heated by the sun that I enter from the balcony of my room! Che spettacolo... si sta davvero bene!

In questo post vi mostro uno smalto Essence che ho steso la settimana scorsa...

eccolo qui:
 Bhè oramai mi conoscete sono davvero fissata per i Colour&Go e questo rosso accessissimo mi ha sconvolta!

Io lo trovo bellissimo e ne vale davvero la pena acquistarlo!

Scheda Prodotto:
  • Marca - Essence cosmetics;
  • Prodotto - Smalto;
  • Linea - Colour&Go;
  • Numero - 10
  • Nome - Ready for Action
  • Quantità prodotto - 5 ml;
  • Coverage - 9;
  • drying - good;
  • Price - € 1.29;
promotes honors this smaltino because besides being a fabulous color has an optimal coverage, in fact in the photo is only one gone!

The Red is my favorite color ... and I like it in all its nuances ... but in the make-up I have doubts .... you ever use the red eye shadow?

embrace you ...